February 24, 2018

We at Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms have been renting out our honeybees for contract pollination since 1980. To date, we have incidentally pollinated or contract pollinated:

  • Acacia mangium and other Acacia species like: Aurecoliformis and native Acacia.

  • Arabic...

February 24, 2018

Starting in Honeybees

I started keeping honeybees in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, in the late 1970's. It began as a hobby, with two colonies in my mother's garden.

There were many attempts to develop a technology heretofore untried, untested. Very few were interested in ho...

February 24, 2018

We live a natural lifestyle. Our business uses natural ingredients. We sell all natural products.

In 2006, we started losing our bees to what is now called "Colony Collapse Disorder". Bee experts worldwide have their own theories on why the world has lost about half its...

February 24, 2018

It was a Saturday, 3 am, November 13, 2004. I had wakened to go to the bathroom. As I got up, I keeled over, hitting a TV on a low table. I was disoriented, still sleepy, quite angry at myself as I struggled to my feet, in vain. Our room was dark and I made a racket, j...

February 24, 2018

We used to do this as a public service. BST jump starts your immune system, much like jump srting a car, when the car's battery is weak.

Sometimes, we get instant results. But, if your immune system is weak or if you do not discard bad habits, the problem recurs.

About o...

February 24, 2018


Is the use of bee products to help detoxify your system and bring your body's biochemistry back into balance. Apitherapy best prepares your body for Bee Sting Therapy; as it employs foods of the bees.

This helps your auto-immune system do it's primordial task...

February 24, 2018


  • We live a natural lifestyle. As much as possible, we plant, grow what we eat and use.

    We care for a vegetable garden. We have sweet potatoes, cassavas, a variety of yams and other root crops. Coconuts provide food, fuel, utensils and tools.

  • ...

February 23, 2018

The Ilog Maria flows from seven natural springs within the Magsaysay Family's farm in the highlands of Silang, Cavite. Silang- - Cavite's largest town is renowned as Manila's source of fresh fruits and excellent coffee. The entire town of more than 20,000 hectares is p...

February 23, 2018


I was living life in the fast lane, working hard and playing harder.
I tried a series of jobs. I was a hot shot. In between jobs, I became a beach bum.


We were in deep water; gunmetal blue. Huge, rolling ocean swells pushed us farther fro...

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