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Nature is the language of God. Nature teaches us what is important to Him. We show Him what is important to us in how we deal with nature. Ilog Maria is how our family converses with our Creator.

Resonate with Silence
"Be still and know that I am God". The sound of the wind through leaves is intoxicating. Birdsong, geese quacking, chickens clucking, goats bleating and cicadas chirping form our aural punctuated by the gentle whirring of our wind turbines.

Silence quiets the soul.

The Fragrance of Clean Air
Pristine air is rare, so close the city. We are fortunate to be far from poultries, piggeries or factories.

We have located our plantings of perfume plants upwind during bloom. Keen noses recognize the perfumes of camia, sampaguita, ham tiao, magnolia, lemon verbena, golden champaca, ylang ylang, coffee, lavender, mint, oregano, tarragon, rose hips, the subtle blooms of seasonal fruits, dama del dia, fortune plants and wild vines. Wafted by the warm, temperamental and tangy habagat. Blown by the cool, constant amihan. Moistened by our river and stream.

Our Water at Ilog Maria
Water is life. It is bio-electric and bio-magnetic. It has energy. It remembers.

Our space is crossed by a multitude of underground streams, feeding our aquifer. Our responsibility is to conserve and enhance it. To give more than we get; as untainted as we draw it. To plant so that water will make it's home here,

The gurgling of our springs is water rejoicing to flow out; free for those downstream.

What we use is filtered by plants, before it resumes it journey to the sea. What we consume flows freely from our windmill, unconstricted; undamaged by any electric fields; gently filtered; finally stored in egg-shaped earthen jars that erase bad memories, give it good ones and increase it's life force. We then mineralize it with natural salts to ease its way through our cells.

Our Fertile Soil

Soil is the Earth's living membrane. Farming is all about soil. Caring for it. Building it. Adding life to it. Making sure it lives and nourishes. Designing a permanent food forest. That creates more energy than is harvested from it.

Sources of Fuel and Energy
We are carbon creatures. We eat carbon. We cook with it. We bathe with it. We move because of it. Most of our fuels and energy comes from carbon.

As much as possible, we must produce it. Then we must assume the responsibility of eating, cooking, moving and living without creating pollution.

We must also assume the responsibility to produce more oxygen than we consume.

The Ilog Maria Food Forest
Providing daily sustenance is primordial. The more we produce our own food, the healthier and freer we become.

"Though the problems of the world are increasingly more complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple." (Bill Mollison). The solutions all the world's problems can be found in a garden." (Geoff Lawton).

When we left the garden, we entered Hades.

Sharing our Awareness

We wish to share with you our garden.

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

All will be apparent for those who see.

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