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The Ilog Maria flows from seven natural springs within the Magsaysay Family's farm in the highlands of Silang, Cavite. Silang- - Cavite's largest town is renowned as Manila's source of fresh fruits and excellent coffee. The entire town of more than 20,000 hectares is planted to a variety of fruits intercropped with coffee trees. This pristine environment is an ideal setting for a healthy rural lifestyle. It is also perfect for keeping honeybees.


Ilog Maria Fresh Bee Products

I started keeping bees at Ilog Maria about thirty years ago with just a few bee colonies. My wife, Violaine, has also been a beekeeper since 1987. Together with our four children, who are beekeepers from birth, we now run about 800 bee colonies and produce: Ripe, unfiltered HONEY; natural bee POLLEN pellets; raw PROPOLIS; fresh ROYAL JELLY; scented BEESWAX CANDLES; HONEY, BEESWAX AND PROPOLIS SOAP & SHAMPOOS; HONEY CIDER VINEGAR; BEE VENOM; and many other natural bee products.

Ilog Maria Bee Products are always packed fresh from our beehives so that they retain their full nutritive and medicinal values.

Ilog Maria Virgin Honey is ripened by our honeybees from pure floral nectar. It is rich in beneficial pollen, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes with traces of royal jelly, bee pollen and propolis. We do not process Ilog Maria Virgin Honey in any way; we do not even touch it. This ensures that it retains all of its magical nutritive and healing values. If you apply Ilog Maria Virgin Honey immediately on cuts, bruises & severe wounds; the wound self irrigates, bacteria are killed on contact, clotting & healing are accelerated, scarring & keloid formation are inhibited. The same things happen if you immediately apply Ilog Maria Virgin Honey on burns. It also soothes the stinging pain of burns. Ilog Maria Virgin Honey hastens the healing of digestive disorders. It is especially good for diarrhoea, intestinal flu, typhoid and amoebiasis - and it can be taken with a few cloves of chopped garlic as often as needed.

We are able to harvest Ilog Maria Virgin Honey only during the summer months of February, March, April and May and due to very strong demand for it, we need to ration it, one per customer according to our waiting list that is sometimes 4 to 5 months long. We strongly advise that you keep Ilog Maria Virgin Honey in your first aid kit and use it only for cuts, burns and digestive disorders. More detailed info on Ilog Maria Virgin Honey, click here.

Ilog Maria Virgin Honey derives most of its healing properties from three other products from our beehives that are dissolved in it. We call them the "Magic Trio" - Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly & Bee Pollen. Ilog Maria Virgin Honey contains minute trace amounts of the Magic Trio. The good news is that, after decades of research, we are now able to harvest Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly & Bee Pollen in their natural concentrated forms!

Ilog Maria Honey Cider Vinegar is a by-product of our Virgin Honey. Ilog Maria Honey Cider Vinegar is a fermented mixture of Virgin Honey, Bee Pollen & fresh spring water from the Ilog Maria'sown aquifer.

Ilog Maria Honey Cider Vinegar is best for removing wastes & toxins from your body and improving digestion & bowel movement. Together with this inner cleansing action, Ilog Maria Honey Cider Vinegar changes your body's chemical reaction from acid to alkaline in reaction. This triggers a host of beneficial co-reactions in your body. Wastes in our bodies precipitate as salts. Many times, these salt deposits are so large they cannot be expelled or excreted by normal body processes. These salts or "stones" only start to melt when we are able to change our body's chemical reactions to alkaline by regularly drinking 1 tablespoonful of Ilog Maria Honey Cider Vinegar in a glassful of water every morning before breakfast. Because of these and many other beneficial body reactions, regular use of Ilog Maria Honey Cider Vinegar helps lower uric acid, cholesterol and blood sugar & arthritis (especially when taken together with Ilog Maria Bee Propolis. Ilog Maria Honey Cider Vinegar also helps ease migraine headaches, melt gallstones, lower hypertension and melt kidney & bladder stones. For more info, click here

Ilog Maria Fresh Frozen Royal Jelly is nature's richest health food; it is the only fresh royal jelly available in the Philippines today. We are now able to harvest it in its purest form from our bees. Upon harvest from our beehives, we immediately freeze the fresh royal jelly to lock-in all its beneficial properties. It is produced only by very young Italian honeybees to feed their queen. Taken after dinner or before bedtime, Ilog Maria Fresh Frozen Royal Jelly eases nervous tension, promotes restful sleep and normalizes glandular hormone secretions.

Ilog Maria Fresh Frozen Royal Jelly increases blood hemoglobin and oxygen, promotes rapid tissue repair, improves memory & mental capacity, retards cell deterioration as a powerful anti-oxidant, balances your hormones by nourishing & stimulating your endocrine system, clears your digestive tract, stimulates rapid growth and mental capacity in children and adolescents. Ilog Maria Fresh Frozen Royal Jelly eases skeletal, respiratory, digestive, renal, nervous and reproductive disorders. For more info on Ilog Maria Fresh Frozen Royal Jelly, click here.

Ilog Maria Bee Pollen is nature's only perfect food gathered by Italian honeybees from billions of flowers in the cool and clean highlands of Silang. Ilog Maria Bee Pollen is the most complete food on earth, containing every life-sustaining element. Ilog Maria Bee Pollen promotes high energy levels, increases stamina, enhances mental clarity, balances body chemistry, metabolizes & burns fat, revitalizes the blood, corrects digestive disorders and eases arteriosclerosis and hypertension. Bee pollen also prevents hay fever and creates a euphoric effect; lifting depression. Ilog Maria Bee Pollencontains 16 vitamins, 16 minerals, 18 enzymes & co-enzymes, 20 fatty acids, 9 pigments, 20 amino acids, and 9 natural simple sugars. Fore more info, click here

Ilog Maria Bee Propolis is nature's most powerful antibiotic. Propolis is an essential part of the immune system of trees. It is a sticky resinous substance secreted by flowering buds and under the bark of trees. Our honeybees collect propolis to seal, varnish and, thus, disinfect their honeycombs and insides of their beehives. Ilog Maria Bee Propolis possesses antiviral, antibacterial and fungicidal properties. It is even capable of destroying some bacteria & viruses that have now become resistant to modern synthetic antibiotics. Ilog Maria Bee Propolis is effective against infections of the skin, mouth, throat, respiratory and digestive systems. Ilog Maria Bee Propolis stimulates tissue regeneration, antibody formation and strengthens & stimulates the immune system. It is also effective in treating hypertension, arteriosclerosis and coronary disease. Dermatological disorders and rheumatism respond to propolis therapy. Ilog Maria Bee Propolis is a potent anti-oxidant, which combats the ill effects of eating processed and preserved foods. Fore more info, click here

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