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We used to do this as a public service. BST jump starts your immune system, much like jump srting a car, when the car's battery is weak.

Sometimes, we get instant results. But, if your immune system is weak or if you do not discard bad habits, the problem recurs.

About one third of ailments are directly related to your immune system. Gout, rheumatism, neuropathy, frozen shoulders, tendonitis, tennis elbow respond favorably to BST.

We have gotten good responses with more serious conditions such as psoriasis, chronic fatigue, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and cancer.

However, most people come to us as a last resort. This is understandable. They see their doctors first, who promptly apply their training and experience in Western medicine. Since Western medicine addresses the symptoms and not the causes of their conditions, their conditions recur. Their conditions are also complicated by the side effects of synthetic western medicines. This leads to medicine toxicity. This compromises their immune systems and makes their conditions worse. Their auto-immune systems cannot perform the primordial role of detoxifying and healing your body.

From decades of experience with many conditions, many of which were deemed irreversible or hopeless, we suggest the following courses of action:

Take responsibility for your own health.

Study your condition. Find out what natural foods or supplements can help alleviate your particular condition. Find out how you can taper the dosages of your medication, under the supervision of a medical practitioner whom you trust. As you begin to feel better, find out how you can eliminate medication. We advise that you constantly monitor your condition and keep your medication handy for emergencies.

We also advise that you research on what to do to improve your auto-immune system. The key word is detoxification.

It is very important to note that bee stings do not heal, it is their stimulation of your auto immune system that all your immune system to start the healing process.

Elimination of toxins and the re-balancing of your body chemistry will work wonders.

Healing crises occur when your body, which is so used to synthetic help, begins to adjust back to its natural balance.

Remember that, sometimes toxins are accumulated over entire lifetimes. And modern living means that we are constantly exposed to toxins in the air, water, food, household items, leisure and work environment.

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