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Virgin Honey

Virgin Honey




 We can now offer polyfloral honey from a variety of sources: sunflower (which granulates, but is probably one of our best tasting honeys); sayote and kamote (light & tasty); coffee (dark & tangy); and pineapple (thin, but delightful).


Honeybees forage on this variety of blossoms early in the year. The honey we have been able to harvest is a blend of most, if not all, of them. The flavor, scent and color favoring the predominant blooms near each bee yard.


RATIONING: Please be advised that we reserve the right NOT to service any order which exceeds two bottles. We do this for our honey stock to last, so that the benefits of our honey would be available to the most number of people.

We are still greatly affected by Global Warming. It is still very difficult to keep our bees. We avoid stressing them. This is why we are very careful not to overharvest their honey. We harvest only their surplus. The number of our bees is slowly increasing and our operation is recovering, but very slowly.  In light of this, we have become an active member of various honeybee organizations to help save our bees and help beekeepers. We are a member of APIMONDIA, the International Association of Beekeepers’ Associations, and our local Philippine beekeeping association . We help support and source through our international and local beekeepers to keep our beekeeping industry alive.


Please help us by using your honey ration for medicinal purposes and not as a sweetener. Propolis is better for coughs, colds, flu, fevers, asthma and boosting your immune system

Honey is best for all types of wounds: scratches, cuts and even lacerations. It staunches bleeding and promotes fast healing. It is excellent for burns: first to third degree burns; if applied immediately. It is also good for all kinds of stomach problems: indigestion, reflux, and diarrhea. We beg for your kind cooperation.

If kept in an airtight container, Honey has no expiration.

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