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Royal Jelly Face oil

Royal Jelly Face oil


50 ml


Handmade in our beefarm using rejuvenating royal jelly and a melange of tropical flower, fruit, nut & seed oils.

Can be used as a night cream. Just put 1-2 drops in a cotton ball and gently rub into skin and leave on. Perfect for dry and cold climates. Restores aging, dry & sensitive skin. Dislodges pimples, blackheads and whiteheads before they get infected. Royal jelly naturally is absorbed directly into subdermal layers where it encourages rejuvenation. It also clears skin of bacteria. Natural oils soften the

This recipe was used successfully to alleviate severe scarring and rigidity of joints. In one case, it was able to bring back the suppleness of paralayzed hand & arm muscles. Repeated use tends to remove scars.

Ingredients tend to separate. No emulsifiers, preservatives or thickeners used. Please shake well before using.

1 year upon purchase

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