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Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly


14 g- small

56 g- large


For stress & anxiety relief; inducing relaxation and deep sleep; feeds glands with live amino acids to stimulate endocrine system and balance your body’s hormones; good as HRT substitute; excellent for inducing rapid growth in children.

Nature´s best rejuvenator. Slows down ageing process. Oxidizes blood and promotes rapid tissue growth & repair. Clears your digestive tract. Induces deep restful sleep.

Absorbed directly into skin where it heals and rejuvenates. Active ingredient in honeymilk lotion, royal jelly moisturizer and royal jelly hair oil.



Take 1 scoop (spoon provided) every night before sleeping. Best taken orally under the tongue

Store in chiller for consumption and freezer for storage.

1 year upon purchase

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