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Propolis Gold

Propolis Gold


 Bee Propolis Extract. Natural Probiotic & Nature’s Most Powerful Anti-Oxidant. Food grade polypropylene bottle with medical grade wide flip top cap.

Our bees collect propolis from the flowering buds of a multitude of trees from season to season. Colours, tastes, textures and smells of bee propolis are always different from bloom to bloom.

Most effective for coughs, colds, influenza, fever, asthma and rheumatism. 50% solution for super strength. We macerate raw bee propolis in pure coco brandy for not less than a year and up to 2 years to extract all its natural healing qualities.

Our 320 ml “Family Size” bottle contains more than 10.5 “handy” bottles of propolis gold; making the cost about P80 per 30 ml. handy bottle.


Take 1 ml then 1 glass of water every morning before breakfast. For kids, you can mix it in their milk or juice.

If you are sick:

Take 3 times a day

Download brochure for more info

3 years upon purchase

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