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Honey & Propolis Feminine wash

Honey & Propolis Feminine wash


CAUTION: Please keep away from heat or direct sunlight. Glycerine soaps melts in high temperature.


COVID PRECAUTION (temperatures in cargo warehouses are high. Sometimes products are remain in storage due to ECQ guidelines)


NCR/Luzon: ship at your own risk. if product melts, you can put them in freezer for them to harden again. Original shape may not be retained but soaps are still usable.

CEBU: not shippable or ship at your own risk

MINDANAO: not shippable or ship at your own risk


We put extra doses of Propolis Gold in our formula for honey propolis face soap for added antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral action. We then add peppermint oil for an added cooling effect.Finally we add pure sampaguita oil for long lasting fragrance.
Used by women who want to feel really clean all day. Simply cool and refreshing.

Natural soaps need to breathe and cure. They are best used after curing but safe to use immediately. You can put unused soaps in your clothes cabinet for storage after unwrapping them. They cure from 1-2 weeks to a month’s time ☺ 


6 months upon purchase 

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