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Beeswax Leather Balsam

Beeswax Leather Balsam


small- 60g




(small leather balsalm and the medium leather balsalm have the same packaging. The medium leather balsalm just contains more product)

 Beeswax has been used since ancient times to waterproof and preserve leather. Leather is dried skin. It cracks and is damaged by water. We formulated this leather balsam to prevent cracking of leather saddles and riding boots.

We add neats foot oil to beeswax from our own beehives. We then add food grade citrus oils as a penetrant. This blend seeps into the pores of leather, nourishing the dried skin by restoring its lost oils.

To be sure, first try out in corners of sensitive leather items like bags, jackets and car seats.


1 year upon purchase

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