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Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen


We collect fresh pollen before our bees enter their beehives. Each honeybee forages on over four thousand flowers in order to pack two pollen pellets on their hind legs. They use nectar they also gather, as an adhesive to bind the thousands of pollen grains together into just two pellets. We place ‘pollen traps’ in front of the beehives’ entrances which have many holes in them. Each hole is just enough for one bee to squeeze through. The pollen traps scrape off the pollen pellets and they drop into a special drawer. We make sure to collect pollen only if there is abundance. We gather our pollen harvest and carefully clean it with a pair of tweezers. We then slowly dry it with warm air; just enough so it will not spoil. We pack it fresh this way.

Bee Pollen may well be the most complete food on earth as it contains all vitamins, minerals and trace elements for life.

Please make sure to take a very small amount of pollen in the morning, if it is your first time. Do this for a couple of days. You may increase the dose to one spoonlet (that we provide), when no ill effects are felt. We have some customers who take very large amounts of pollen. This is because they routinely exert themselves. These are athletes, baggage handlers, farmers, etc. They use the extra stamina. For city dwellers, we recommend smaller doses; just enough to get you through the day.

We ask you to store large amounts (more than one jar) of pollen in the freezer. But, if you take the pollen out of the freezer to take your daily dose, please put it back in the freezer. Moisture condensation will wake pollen´s natural yeasts and it will start fermenting. If you have one jar only, you do not have to freeze it. But make sure to consume it in two months. It if discolors or turns sour, please use it as a chicken or pet food supplement. For more information, please go to the ‘downloads’ section of our website. You may download our pollen brochure.

actual weight of small pollen: 30g of pollen but we adjust for freight and shipping costs as couriers compute also for dimension of packaging
large pollen- 200g

Eat 1 scoop (provided spoon) then take 1 glass of water every morning 15 minutes before breakfast

1 year upon purchase

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