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Fresh Roasted Coffee

Fresh Roasted Coffee




Naturally and organically grown in our own coffee farm. We handpick the coffee cherries at the peak of ripeness. We store the green coffee beans for about a year or two to develop the precious coffee oils.

We slowly hand roast the aged beans over kakawate hardwood coal until our beans have developed the color and aroma we have been used to. An aroma that defies explanation, that we have been accustomed to for over thirty years.

For boiling, coarse grind. Boil freshly drawn mineral water. Add 1 tablespoon per cup of boiling water. Turn off flame. Steep for 7 minutes. Strain while serving.

For percolating, medium grind. Put 1 tablespoon per cup in percolating basket. Full flame. When coffee starts to percolate, reduce flame until it just slightly percolates. Percolate for 5 to 9 minutes depending on the fullness of load of the percolator basket. Serve.

For french press, put water is stainless steel pot over a stove to boil. Then use a good grinder for uniform large particles. Put 1 tablespoon per cup of Water in french press. Pour boiled water slowly on grounds, saturating them. Use a chopstick to stir the slurry. Install stainer, plunge slowly, enjoy.

For espresso machines and bialetti machinettas, fine grind. Use 1 tablespoon per cup. With machinettas, use very low flame.

For drip grind, use medium grind and unbleached paper filter. 1 tablespoon per cup.

You may take our coffee black or sweeten it with mascovado or coco sugar. Use the cream that floats on top of refrigerated whole milk. Carabaos milk cream is best.

Warning: Our coffee can be very strong. So, coarse grind it first in your blender or coffee grinder and measure your regular brew. After this first brew, you can adjust your grind and strength for an optimum brew.

Our coffee blends well with well roasted Arabica beans.

Best to grind the coffee beans just before you make a cup


1 month upon purchase

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